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  • FREE EHP Labs Pre-Workout Supplement ($$$)

    FREE EHP Labs Pre-Workout Supplement ($$$)

    While supplies last, we are giving away a FREE tub of EHP RP Max Pre Workout formula to customers who sign up on our 12 Week Transformation Program.    Supplies are limited at this price so act fast if you want the deal.   When you purchase my 12 Week Transformation Program, within 48 hours you will receive an email with a coupon code that will give you 100% discount on this product.  Click the link inside your email to redeem the FREE RP Max Pre gift.   Because so many of you are from all corners of the globe, you will need to cover the cost of shipping and handling.   

  • Meal Plans - Updated Monthly (Value $147)

    Meal Plans - Updated Monthly (Value $147)

    All of my meal plans are 100% personalized based on a questionnaire you answer when you get started.  Then I update your meal plans monthly with all calories and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates & fats) worked out perfectly for you and your specific goal.  (Build lean muscle, get ripped or tone up).   I also ask you if there are any foods you don't like, are allergic to, that sort of thing so ENJOY what you're eating, which means you'll be more likely to get the best and fastest results possible!  I also have structured re-feed days included to increase leptin and overall fat burn.  Vegetarian and Vegan options also available. 

  • Custom Workout Programs - Updated Monthly (Value $147)

    Custom Workout Programs - Updated Monthly (Value $147)

    All workout programs are personalized and updated monthly, they are designed specifically for you and your goals. You can select from training at Home or Gym (Recommended). Your Workout Program will have the best and most effective exercises all with Instructional Video and Rep Ranges to use so you get the best and fastest results possible! These workout programs can be designed to shed your body fat or to build lean muscle, they are also designed to increase your strength and give you more energy!

  • Extreme Abs + Adonis Belt Workouts - Updated Monthly (Value $87)

    Extreme Abs + Adonis Belt Workouts - Updated Monthly (Value $87)

    Adonis Belt Workouts that gets you insane results! These workouts include the best and most effective exercises and rep ranges and are all updated monthly so you continue to get on going results. Achieve a ripped set of Abs with deep cuts and an Adonis Belt that will literally turn heads when you are out and about!  Here is a link to an article explaining the Adonis Belt in more detail...  

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  • Fast Fat Burning Cardio Routines (Value $29)

    Fast Fat Burning Cardio Routines (Value $29)

    The best and most effective cardio workouts for maximum fat burning! The unique Cardio Programs that are included in all fat loss plans have a huge 48 hour after burn effect. So even after you have finished your cardio session, you will still be burning fat for an extra 48 hours. This is truly the secret to getting lean and staying lean. Backed by Science.

  • JRF Exclusive Members Only App

    JRF Exclusive Members Only App

    Exclusive JRF Members App available on iTunes and Google Play store so you can now take your personalized Meal Plans and Workout Programs with you to both the supermarket when meal prepping and also view exercises when in the Gym!

  • JRF Supplement Guide (Value $19)

    JRF Supplement Guide (Value $19)

    Supplements are all optional extras on all JRF plans. However if you wish to add these there is an easy to understand Supplement Guide containing the best and most effective supplements that Josef Rakich recommends. This includes the best supplements to use for all goals including muscle building, fat loss, pre-workout and also general health.



    ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO NEW ZEALAND!!!   Join my any of my programs during the month of MAY and you'll go into a draw to win a roundtrip ticket to New Zealand from wherever in the world you live so that you can come train with me during one of my 4-day JRF Bootcamps. We'll pay for your accommodation and meals for four nights while you train with me at Wolf's Gym in Auckland. If you want to spend some extra time exploring the country, just coordinate with my business manager and he will book your flights to suit your requirements.   New Zealand is an awesome country, so definitely explore it if you can... just beware you may be hurting from my workouts!  :-)   WATCH FOOTAGE OF LAST WINNER HERE!

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I wasn't the largest girl out there, and I've always been active, but after getting a bit fed up with bad eating and drinking I decided the try the JRF YouTube workouts and a diet plan. It was the best decision! I got so motivated after seeing changes so quickly, I wanted to take it to the next level and compete as a bikini athlete. I've never been happier with my body and the JRF workouts are challenging and diet plan is never dull and extremely detailed. I've lost 10kgs and dropped my body fat percentage from 21% to 14%. I'm lean and feel healthier than ever! I will continue using the JRF workouts and diet plan as I compete at a national level as a bikini athlete!

#JRFresults Esther Walker