Owner and founder of Josef Rakich Fitness, Josef Rakich is an ISSA (International Sports Science Association) certified personal trainer.  

He is passionate about helping people to transform their physique and improve their lives.

As a young man Josef loved sports, competing in 1st division and premier league soccer and earning sponsorship as a competitive skateboarder.

When Josef began bodybuilding he was nothing but skin and bones, but he soon noticed his strength improving and his physique transforming.

What started as a hobby quickly evolved into something more significant; and Josef is now dedicated to following a strict meal plan and training regime and becoming the world’s leading online personal trainer.

The Josef Rakich Fitness program has inspired and motivated millions of people around the world to gain muscle, lose body fat, and become stronger and healthier.

Josef believes that no matter what your goals are, he can help you achieve them.

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This guy is really good at what he claims...way to go bro

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