Connor O'neill

Connor O'neill

186lbs (84.4 kgs)
178lbs (80.7 kgs)
5 Months
United Kingdom
Hey ladies and Gentlemen, I have been on and off training in the gym but I was also drinking Alcohol and then noticed I was piling on the weight my wife and Mum noticed and told me I was drinking too much.

I will tell you DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL if you want to get them Gains.

So when Covid-19 come in and then lockdown started I changed. I knew I want to lose weight and went on a diet and weight training program. I stopped drinking alcohol which was the best thing I have done and I haven't touched it since April.

As I can see my results speak. The transformation I went through was hard and I dedicated myself to it and if you are the same you can do it to if you want to speak to me please do.
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