Lyla Rose Puba

Lyla Rose Puba

198lbs (89.9 kgs)
170lbs (77.3 kgs)
2 months
I’m 31 years old and going into this program I was feeling down, depressed, hating my body, no confidence, lacking energy and always napping during the day. At my heaviest I was 96kg, I lost 21kgs back in 2017 on my own but after my first born in 2018 I got lazy, gained weight then fell pregnant again having my second born in September 2019. I was also months away from getting married in April 2020. Which brings me to my why I signed up to JRF.

There was a moment I had where I sat there and thought to myself I didn’t want to marry my fiancé then look back one day at my photos and think god I was unhappy that day and felt fat in my wedding dress. No one wants to feel that way especially on the most memorable day of their life.

So I started off on the 4th February 2020 weighing in at 89.9kg, I signed up for the Keto program and Josef sent through his keto guide so I knew what I was getting myself into along with my program which included my meals and workouts. Fast forward to now the start of May and honestly it has been well worth it.

I feel so much more happier, I’m not tired or having naps during the day. I have more energy and feel amazing. I have lost close to 13kgs weighing in today at 77.3kg my body is loving Keto. Now I’m not gonna lie it wasn’t easy at first the workouts felt hard, but I pushed on and day by day it got a little easier. Everyday is a different challenge but with this program I feel like it’s more of a lifestyle then just a fad diet.

Even more exciting news, my Wedding Dress doesn’t fit me after losing that weight. My wedding day has been postponed due to the virus, which I’m a little disappointed about but it’s also given me more time to keep on working on my body and try and gain
some shape and muscles before the big day.

The thing I love about my program is it’s simple to understand and follow through. The team is always there to help out with questions you might have and the ladies Facebook Group that josef has created is very supportive and encouraging, with lots of women who inspire each other to keep going with their journeys.

The best advice I can give you from this is, don’t compare your results to others and how quick they reached their goals. We all start at different levels and face different challenges. Take lots of photos to see your progress and never give up.
* Please note individual results may vary

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