Michaela Scanlon

Michaela Scanlon

225lbs (102.0 kgs)
169lbs (76.6 kgs)
9 months
United States
In the simplest terms, JRF has totally transformed my lifestyle! I was inspired to join by my partner, and by my desire to live a long and healthy life with her. I work in healthcare and was starkly aware of the co-morbitities associated with being as overweight as I was. I did not want to continue down a path towards diabetes, heart disease, continued fatigue, etc.

I had tried losing weight before and nothing worked for me because I lacked the structure and support necessary to be successful. With my JRF plan, I was given these two missing variables. Following my meal plan was as easy as could be, and now my eating habits have changed for the better and in a long-term, sustainable way!! And having the community of fellow JRF clients by my side made so much of a difference, too.

Honestly, I owe so much to Jo and his team for the ways the program has impacted me. When I went to see my doctor after my weight loss had reached about 50 lbs, he was so proud and told me that the patients he has that are 80 or 90 years old are healthy and enjoying longevity because they are disciplined— and he said I would be able to enjoy that too, given the discipline I cultivated while with JRF.

Thank you all so much for being the catalyst for me to live and love a longer, healthier life!!

Oh and I love the cute clothes I get to wear at a smaller size now, haha! That’s a huge perk :)
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